Getting around in Stockholm

Subway (Tunnelbana, T-bana)
Stockholm's subway - art and design in the world's longest art exhibition, about 110 kilometres long.

In some 90 of the 100 subway stations, travellers can enjoy exciting, beautiful and varying artistic experiences - sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs.
More than 125 artists have created underground grottoes, verdant gardens, rippling springs, water lily ponds and fabulous caves, reflections on times of old and documentation of contemporary life.

The Stockholm Metro

It’s easy to get a taxi in Stockholm. There are several taxi companies, and the easiest way to order one is to phone one of the companies. It’s also frequent to pick one in the street. Before getting onboard, it’s a good idea to ask/negotiate about the price, because prices may vary due to deregulation. Leaving a tip is not compulsory, although you can leave a tip, of about 10 percent, if you are satisfied with the service.
Travelling on water in the archipelago can also be done by taxi. You then have to call the water taxi –Taxibåtar. For current companies and phone numbers see the Yellow Pages.

The Stockholm Public Transport Company, SL operates all over the city and its surroundings. Two very popular lines for tourists are number 47 to the Vasa museum at Djurgården and number 69 to Kaknästornet (a 155-metre high tower. On the 30th floor there is a lovely terrace from which you can get a panoramic view over the city. (admission  fee.)
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