Stockholm, a City of Museums

View over Kungliga slottet, StockholmStockholm is a fantastic city for museum lovers. The museums range over a variety of different topics and attractions. All in all you will find more than 70 wonderful museums to explore, and each year they attract more than 9 million visitors.

One of the most visited museums is the Wasa museum, located at Djurgården. The main exhibit is the almost unspoilt warship dating from the mid 17th century.
Something quite smaller, such as stamps and stamp collections and other postal related objects, would be found in the Postal Museum in the Old Town (Gamla Stan). The museum displays the history of not only the Swedish stamps but also the history of the letters and the postcards. 

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museums have temporary exhibitions that last from a few months to a year or more. These rare and exceptional exhibitions often come from all over the world and offers an unique opportunity to be seen before the depart further on.

Don't forget the worldwide custom of museums being closed on Mondays

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