Business in Stockholm

Stockholm is a major international metropolis, offering a very high quality of life. A city with a highly educated workforce and qualified personnel. The city’s location at the Baltic Sea provides a good opportunity to easily reach the Baltic and the Russian markets. Corporate tax rate in Sweden is significantly lower than in many other European countries and OECD nations. The costs for manufacturing labour and rents for office and industrial space are moderate. The labour salary rates is placed second-lowest among ten European nations.

The region has a population about 2,970 000. In the Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region it raise to approx. 64,000000. This makes Stockholm extremely interesting for all kind of business in Sweden as well as the Baltic Region.

A large number of highways, train and ports together with four international airports in the region, guarantee easy availability for both goods and people transportation. Stockholm is a large communication hub of northern Scandinavia.

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