Stockholm Festivals

Stockholm, the park Kunsträdgården The Stockholm Pride festival started 1998 and has become one of the greatest festivals in Stockholm City and one of the biggest in Scandinavia. The festival usually takes place in the end of July. People from all over the world come to visit and participate in this great festivity.
The whole of the City is painted in all kind of colors like a dashing rainbow. The huge scene is located at Tantolunden on Södermalm. This arena is built for more than 10 000 people and contains restaurants, shops and a stage were famous Swedish, artists among other artists, performs every afternoon and evening during the week.
Outside the festival arena at other places in and around the city additional activities takes place. Here you will find seminars, films, debates and more Pride festival related stuff.

Stockholm has also others big festivals: Kulturfestival in August, Jazz Festival in July and The International Film Festival in November.
If you are not able to see any of them - just go to the Kungsträdgården and enjoy the atmosphere there. During the most part of a year there are always some activities there, this will certainly help you to imagine the city during its anual festivals.

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