Hotels in Stockholm

Stockholm hotelWhen visiting Stockholm it’s possible to wake up in the midst of a busy city or in quietness only interrupted by the waves gently smite the shores in the archipelago. Stockholm is one of the amazing cities in the world that offers you all of these possibilities. Accommodations range from five stars very high quality hotels to budget ones - smaller cosy hostels as well as Bed & Breakfast.
One of the most popular ways to stay in Stockholm is in an old sail ship. The sail ship “Af Chapman“ has been a youth hostel since 1937 and is located just opposite the Royal Castle.

This unique ship offers you an experience not to be found elsewhere. The service onboard is very much up to you; most of the service can be bought if wanted, but some prefer to make their own meals and bring their own sheets onboard. The location of the ship near the castle bring us right up and into the Old Town where you find hotels in quite a unique historical environment among the buildings from the 16th century.

Staying here is as close as you can come to the feeling of being a part of an historical event. The Old Town itself was grounded as early as in the 13th century. Besides these hotels and youth hostels there are lots of smaller and cosy Bed & Breakfast in and around the city. At these accommodations you will see more of ordinary Swedish living and perhaps make friends for life. But there is still another almost exceptional opportunity you can spend your staying out on one of the many thousands islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Here you will find a quietness and calm not to be found elsewhere. The accommodations out here are just a few minutes boat trip away from the centre of Stockholm city. It’s not just a visit it’s an enjoyment of the countryside and an appreciation of beauty.
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