Royal Palace in Stockholm

The Royal Palace, Stockholm SwedenThe Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet), rebuilt and finished 1754, after the previous palace burned down in 1697, is a magnificent baroque palace in seven floors containing over 600 rooms and halls. The palace is both the official residence and workplace for the king and is also open to the public. This makes it quite unique among the royal palaces in Europe.
There are three Royal Museums located in the palace all-relating to the royal families and royal history. Here deep down in the vault you will find a real Treasure Chamber with precious royal regalia used by former Swedish Kings and one Queen. You also find a museum covering the history of the palace and the royal families named Livrustkammaren. The third is the Museum of Antiquities (sculptures and paintings) collected by king Gustaf III.

This striking palace is guarded by troops from the Swedish Military Forces. The changing of the Royal Guards with a military band takes place in the outer courtyard Wednesdays and Saturdays. The season with Mounted Guards starts on April 20 and is a very popular and appreciated happening that is strongly recommended to watch.

In the palace there’s also a very rare gift shop with goods that you only can buy here. Lots of the commodities are made in small series and spans over a variety from postcards to exclusive jewellery made of gold or silver. Fabrics decorated with patterns originating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries are other things to by in this little exclusive palace shop in Stockholm

The Swedish royal family Bernadotte consist of King Carl XIV Gustav, Queen Silvia and their three children: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl-Philip and Princess Madeleine.

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