Getting to Stockholm

By air
Arriving at Stockholm by air is usually done at one of the two main international airports, Arlanda (40 km from Stockholm) or Bromma (8 km from Stockholm). Minor airports as Skavsta near Nyköping (100 km from Stockholm) or Västerås Airport in Västerås (110 km from Stockholm) are also available while travelling from abroad, especially by low-price airlines.

Stockholm Bromma Airport

From Arlanda you can get to Stockholm city by airport bus (Flygbussarna); the buses departure every 5-10 minutes from just outside the terminal. The trip will take about 40 minutes. Another possibility is taking a train. Every 15 minutes a train depart from Arlanda and take you to the Cityterminalen close to Central Train Station in the city in just 20 minutes.

From Bromma, Västerås and Skavsta Airports, Airports buses (Flygbussarna)depart/arrivals according to air traffic timetables. From Stockholm they start from Cityterminalen close to the Central Train Station.

Taxis are accessible at all the airports, and most companies offer a fixed price between Stockholm City and Arlanda, approx. SEK 440, usually for a ride for 1-4 persons(2007).

By rail
The central Train Station (Centralstationen also known as T-Centralen) in the centre of the city is also the major hub for all public transportation in Stockholm. From here you reach all trains, buses, airport buses and subway stations in Stockholm. When you are arriving by train the Central Train Station is the mail station. For information just call +46 771 75 75 75 (Swedish State Railways) the SJ.

By ferry
If you arrive from or to the Baltic Countries, Finland, the Åland Islands, Poland or Gotland (the largest Swedish Island) car ferries as well as passenger ferries take you very close to the city centre.

By car
Entering Stockholm by car is easy because of the Swedish Highways. From south you are entering at E4, from west E18.

Due to an extra tax regulation, all vehicles registered in Sweden had to pay a congestion charge if they drive into or out of the city of Stockholm on weekdays 06.30-18.29. 

By Bus

If you go by bus you will arrive at and also depart from the Cityterminalen close to Central Train Station.
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