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When in Sweden, don’t miss the Swedish smorgasbord. A smorgasbord is a delicious buffet with many small cold and warm dishes. On a smorgasbord Swedish herring, salmon, reindeer, spareribs, and of course Swedish meatballs are served, along vegetables and various sauces.
You usually pay a fixed price for a smorgasbord and are then allowed to eat as much as you want.
Smorgasbord is a Swedish word derivate from – smörgåsbord – witch contains of two words smörgås meaning sandwich and bord meaning table.
Especially before Christmas it’s very common among Swedish companies to invite
their employees out to a restaurant for a traditional Christmas smorgasbord.
Gourmet food and restaurants with the Michelin-stars

Several Stockholm restaurants have for many years kept their Michelin stars (Guide Rouge). These are:
Frantzén/Lindeberg (2 stars; Scandinavian and French cuisine), Lilla Nygatan 21
Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen (now 2 stars) Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6
Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren.
Lux Stockholm (European & Nordic gastronomy), with Henrik Norström, multifaceted prize winning as chef. Primusgatan 116, Lilla Essingen
Fredsgatan 12 (International food) the chef Viktor Westerlind won the award Swedish Chef 2009. F12 is located in the Royal Academy of Art, opposite the House of Parliament.
Esperanto, chef: Sayan Isaksson. Kungstensgatan 2

The renowned Operakällaren, rewarded with numerous awards, among them "The Best Restaurant Ambiance of the Year” in White Guide 2006, lost its star in 2010, but kept its awards in the Swedish White Guide.
The restaurant offers Swedish cuisine in Art Nouveau settings (see picture). Address: The Royal Opera House, Karl XII:s torg.
Bib Gourmand, the Guide Michelin's award to restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices and offer fixed price menus was given to three Stockholm restaurants:  Brasserie Bobonne, Den Gyldene Freden, and Sjögräs.
In restaurants in Sweden tip is always included. On the other hand, if you are pleased with the serve it’s common to tip about ten percent.
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