What to do in Stockholm

Statue in StockholmStockholm isn’t just museums and monuments. The city offers a lot of different things to explore. A walk in the old town or a tour round Södermalm will give you another kind of impression. In Södermalm there’s a magnificent view from a spot called Fåfängan. If you join a walking tour in the footsteps of the characters in Stieg Larsson's detective novels, you will have a chance to see Stockholm from one more perspective.

From here you can see Stockholm from the very above as well as Djurgården on th eother side of the waters. And Djurgården itself is a place you simply can’t miss. This beautiful island lying peaceful embedded in the greenery of the trees is a perfect oasis for skating, walking or why not a romantic picnic, when the surrounding water is smooth as a millpond it’s outstanding.

Continuing to looking outwards only a little bit from the city is Drottningholms Castle the residence for the royal family since 1981. Here in the park you will find a “Chinese surprise”. At least it was one when the Swedish queen Lovisa Ulrika one morning at her birthday in 1753 went out in the park. As a birthday gift to his beloved wife, the Swedish king had build a castle, a castle that in those days were very vogue. The Chinese influence was spreading all over Europe and as a consequence the castle was built in a Chinese style. From May to September you will have access to this exotic milieu daily from 11:00 -16:30 (September 12:00-15:30). The castles and the park are of course on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Gamla Stan and Södermalm, Stockhom
Its even possible to go further out from the city but still being in Stockholm. We’re talking about the archipelago this unique environment offering so much for almost no sacrifice. You simply let one of the boat companies take you out to one of the many islands; there you sit down, enjoy the view, or close your eyes and let the warm Swedish summer breeze mixed with the smell of fresh blue water take you heavy thoughts away. Afterwards there will be time to enjoy a meal or something to drink at one of the numerous taverns located at many of the islands.

Stockholm has no less than tree major football teams Djurgården, AIK and Hammarby. The teams all play in the top league of Swedish football but right now it’s only Djurgården and Hammarby who’s on the front. When there’s a football match between these teams Stockholm is really moving. In Stockholm there are a lot of major arenas Råsunda the greatest and where AIK has their ground and where international football matches are played. At Stockholm Stadion, the former 1912 Olympic Stadium, Djurgården has their ground and Hammarby is playing at Söderstadion, not far from the city.
On you way to Söderstadion you just go on and will see Johanneshov the ice stadium of Stockholm. In the same area there is Stockholm Globe (formerly called Globen), a landmark in Stockholm, and where besides the European Song Festival once was held, many other arrangements find place. The subway will take you there.

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