Stockholm Tourism

Stockholm is world famous for its location by the water. Almost fifty percent of the city's area is water, and more than 24,000 small islands, islets and skerrys forms a wonderful archipelago surrounding the main city; the city itself consists of fourteen major islands.

Stockholm and its beautiful islands are visited by more than 17 millions travellers a year. This makes the capital of Sweden one of the mayor destinations in northern Europe. The city invites to a stroll in the charming Old Town or in one of its thirty-eight parks. 

Stockholm Skyline

A visit to some of approx. 70 fascinating museums (The Vasa Ship Museum is one of them) is a great idea for a cloudy day. If you visit Stockholm during Midsummer, you will have daylight in 17 hours and 30 minutes! From mid-June until mid-July it’s never really getting dark here. Enjoy then the great northern summer sky, preferably while listening to jazz during the annual summer jazz festival.

Fun & pleasure

Fifteen hundred Stockholm restaurants serve all kind of international cuisine, and the famous amusement park Gröna Lund, beautifully situated at Djurgården promises a day full of fun & joy, not only to the young ones.

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