The Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Vasa Museum, StockholmOn a clear sunny Sunday morning on August 10, 1628 Vasa, what should be the greatest Royal warship ever build in this period, leaves Stockholm in front of several spectators for her maiden voyage. Immediate a gentle breeze catch her sails and she lurch. She lurches heavily, and within 30 minutes she almost disappears under the surface standing on the seabed, only her masts silently reaching out for help.
Around 40 crew members die this day.

It should last another 300 years, until 1961, when she saw the daylight again. She can now be seen at the Vasa Museum, among many others of her belongings. She sunk mainly because she was too heavy in accordance to her size and the load was not in balance.
The ship herself can be viewed as a time machine. The many fascinating sculptures and ornaments on the vessel shows a variety of adornments. Interesting questions like how sea warfare was carried out, how ships were built at that time, and the life on board can be answered here.

The Vasa museum is, according to "Times", one of the 12 best museums in the world. Do not miss the opportunity to see this beautiful ship!
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