The Stockholm archipelago

The great beauty of 24.000 islands in the Stockholm archipelagoThe great beauty of 24,000 islands in the archipelago.
Viewing Stockholm from above, one is almost breathless of the beauty when spotting hundreds of small islands and islets lying like glittering pink and green pearls in the clear dark blue waters, in which also the city peacefully rests. In order to reach those small striking islands from Stockholm you just pick one of the many small ferries departing from either Nybroviken or Skeppsbrokajen in the city centre.

These little picturesque ferries will take you out on a fascinating trip just to the nearest island, or if wanted, for longer tours up to several hours of enjoyment of the seaside.

Many of the islands have restaurants where you can be served delicious seafood or tasty local dishes. If you want to stay over night, there are lots of possibilities to do so. Small cosy accommodations, as well as youth hostels and camping grounds, offering you exiting and comfortable quarters. When visiting an archipelago like this, the peacefulness and the beauty of the landscape is what strike you the most. The Stockholm archipelago is the biggest one in Sweden with its more than 24,000 small islands, islets and rocks.
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