Parks in Stockholm

The former Royal hunting ground Djurgården is one of the major islands in Stockholm; it is a very peaceful and quiet place, only minutes away from the city centre. At Djurgården you can take a refreshing walk or spend a whole lovely day with friends discovering all the fascinating amenities.

Within a few minutes after entering Djurgården, you will feel as you where in the countryside. Surrounded by thickly wooded trees, small glittering lakes with ducks, you will surely enjoy this recreation paradise. 

However, the island is also full of entertainment and cultural sights. One of the major attractions here is Skansen, an outstanding outdoor museum, containing ancient buildings from all over Sweden. Another magnificent place is the Nordic Museum.

Djurgården 8

In one end of this magnificent picturesque island you will find the thrilling amusement park Gröna Lund. By the shore nearby, there is also a museum dedicated to the 17th century royal warship Wasa.
Djursholmen hosts also a royal mansion at Waldemarsudde, built in 1905, which belonged to the Swedish Prince Eugen. Today this mansion is a museum containing paintings from world famous Swedish painters like Carl Larsson, Carl Fredrik Hill and Anders Zorn. In the beautiful park you will find sculptures from  - among others  - Carl Milles and Liss Eriksson.

By boarding a ferry Djurgårdsfärjan from Slussen, or taking a bus # 44 or 47, you will easily come to the flourishing Djurgården.

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