St. George and the Dragon in Storkyrkan, StockholmSankt Nikolai kyrka (Saint Nicolaus Church), generally known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church) is the oldest church in the old town. It is situated close to the Royal castle, the façade has been made over in the Baroque style, just to harmonize better with the castle, but the interior remained Gothic.

In the Middle Ages it served as parish church, it became protestant in 1527. Storkyrkan serves also as cathedral and here traditionally a lot of kings have been crowned. 

St. George and the Dragon
The most famous of its treasures is the dramatic wooden statue of Saint George and the Dragon sculptured by medieval painter and sculptor Bernt Notke. The statue serves also as a reliquary and contains relics  supposedly of Saint George and some other saints.
A bronze copy, dated early 20th century, is to be found on Österlånggatan, not far from the church.

The other famous object in Storkyrkan is the painting Vädersolstavlan  - "The Sun Dog Painting". It is a copy from 1632 of the lost original, painted one hundred years earlier. “The Sun Dog Painting" is presumably the oldest known image that depict Stockholm, in addition it depicts a  halo display, e.g. sun dogs, that appeared on the Stockholm sky in April 1535.